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What is Play Therapy?

Play Therapy offers a non-directive, child-led, creative, safe space where children can express themselves & work through difficulties using their natural language of communication, play. Play Therapy uses a variety of play & creative materials to alleviate chronic, mild & moderate psychological & emotional conditions which may be presenting as behavioural problems or may be preventing children from reaching their potential.

Expressing themselves through play can feel safer & less intense for children, they can work through difficult experiences & can process their emotions, over time developing a better understanding of themselves & their experiences.

For a further explanation of Play Therapy visit the Play Therapy UK (PTUK) website:

Additionally, there are some useful videos available which explain Play Therapy. Aideen McCartney of Playful Pathways produced a great video explaining what Play Therapy is, to view this video click the button below.

The British Association of Play Therapists (BAPT) & Time 2 Play Therapy has also produced a great video for children which can help to prepare them to know what to expect when they go to Play Therapy, to view this video click the button below.

The Play Therapy Toolkit

Play Therapy is an integrative holistic approach to child therapy where the main focus is not on talking. For children, using play to express themselves makes sense. In Play Therapy a range of play & creative materials are offered for children to use to express themselves in the way that feels right for them. Play Therapists understand that all behaviour is communication & their training enables them to meet the child in the their play at the level which they need.

The Play Therapy toolkit includes: therapeutic storytelling, drawing & painting, water, clay, sand tray & miniatures, guided imagery & relaxation techniques, drama, puppetry, movement & music. Other items can be added as appropriate to the needs of each individual child.

Who is Play Therapy For?

Play Therapy may be beneficial for children who are experiencing a broad & complex range of issues as outlined here:

Who is Play Therapy For?
Who is Play Therapy For?

About Mulberry Play Therapy

Mulberry Play Therapy offers 1-1 & group Play Therapy to schools in Suffolk, UK. Connie is a PTUK Accredited Play Therapist with a BSc in Psychology & over 17 years experience of working therapeutically with children & young people. In addition Connie is a Registered SandStory Therapist and she is qualified to incorporate Theraplay┬« informed practice, which adds an additional focus on supporting the attachment relationship with parents/carers, where appropriate. Connie has worked in a range of schools & in a residential therapeutic community, predominantly supporting children who have been traumatised by abuse in their early years. Connie is passionate about helping children to work through their difficulties & supporting them in their emotional healing.

Connie Bedingfield-Lowe BSc.
Accredited Play Therapist PTUK
Registered SandStory Therapist

As a PTUK registrant Connie adheres to the PTUK Ethical Framework which can be found by clicking here.

Connie is on the Register of Play and Creative Arts Therapists as Constance Bedingfield-Lowe, the register has been accredited by the Professional Standards Authority and can be found by clicking here.

Therapeutic Resources

Feelings Faces

Feelings Faces are a therapeutic resource designed to support children with expressing & exploring their feelings. They can be used in an infinite number of ways in therapy sessions, at school or at home.

Feelings Faces are a therapeutic resource designed to support children with expressing & exploring their feelings.

Feelings Wheel
(free download)

Using a Feelings Wheel can support children with identifying & communicating their feelings.

Therapeutic Resources Feelings Wheel (free download)

Rainbow Breathing
(free download)

Using the Rainbow to anchor our Breathing can help our out breaths to become longer than our in breaths. This sort of breathing can help our bodies begin to calm quicker.

Rainbow breathing page one


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